Five Reasons You May Be Rejected For A Payday Loan

20 March 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Payday loans are great options for those with poor credit because they aren't as strict in what they require from their borrowers. However, this doesn't mean that you will always be approved for one. Here are five of the main reasons you might be rejected:

  1. You Don't Make Enough: First off, you may not make enough money to be approved for a payday loan. After all, payday loan lenders want to be sure that their borrowers are going to pay them back. Most payday loan offices will require that you make at least $1,000 per month while some may require less. If you make less than this, then you may want to seek out a payday loan company that may accept that before attempting to apply for any payday loan. 
  2. You've Filed Bankruptcy Recently: If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, chances are slimmer that you will be able to be approved for a payday loan. However, this depends on how much you are currently making. If you are making well over $1,000 per month, then the payday lender will probably consider your approval, so long as you are willing to pay higher interest. 
  3. You Still Owe Back a Payday Loan:  If it's discovered that you still owe back on a payday loan from another company or within the same company, then you will probably be rejected. This shows that you are not able to meet the payback requirements, which makes lending to you much riskier for the payday loan company. 
  4. You're Recently Employed: Most payday loan companies will require that you show proof of income with three month's worth of paystubs. If you have recently been employed, then you won't have this, which may lead the payday loan company to reject your application. It's best to determine if the payday loan company would be okay with a letter from your employer or with at least one pay stub to help with the approval process. 
  5. You've Recently Opened a Checking Account: One of the top things you need when you apply for a payday loan is a checking account. If you have recently opened one, you may not be approved for the payday loan because most payday loan companies want their borrowers to have an established bank account. This reduces the risk that the payday loan company is providing a loan just to have that bank account closed later. This prevents them from being able to acquire back the funds should they need to do this for lack of payment. 

When you know the five reasons you may be rejected, you know what you need to do to improve your odds and whether or not you need to apply through a payday loan company that will look past some of these things. To learn more about payday loans, contact a company like Payday Express